When Owen Realms boards a mysterious hovering ship in the middle of night, his life is forever changed. He is a Druid, a member of an elite clandestine team of unusual people striving to protect their worlds. Throughout time, they have been in conflict with the Ruins, a cult of demonic individuals bent on devastating not only Earth, but many other worlds as well. Before long, Owen is swept through Stonehenge–the Druids’ portal–to a place known as Petra. Once a beautiful and peaceful place, Petra is now in the midst of a merciless civil war, where two unique races of people are clashing over the vast stretch of bountiful land in between their kingdoms–a promised land.
According to legend, this land was once occupied by the Corinthians, a mythical group of winged people who united all races under one title. Unfortunately, after the famine and the Ruins’ tampering, their story was nearly forgotten. Owen and the Druids, with the power of the Spirit, must reunite the tattered remains of civilization and show the people of Petra what it means to be a Corinthian and believe in the things they cannot see. Owen soon realizes that this task demanded much more than he was willing to complete…

I started writing this book at the age of 15 and recently completed it around my 17th birthday. It is an epic tale of adventure and very compelling for young adults. This is only the first book in a long series of books to follow. An excerpt is available at www.createspace.com/Preview/1068904

If interested in reading more, contact me, or visit www.createspace.com/3420274 to purchase.



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